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Toddler Keys 0.97.0 is a program to protect computers from little kids
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Toddler Keys 0.97.0 is a program to protect computers from little kids.
This utility locks the computer keyboard, CD drive doors and power-off button (only in Windows XP).

When Toddler Keys is installed, it will sit on your system tray until you activate it.

When activated, it will show a black screen with the text "Type "quit" to unlock keyboard".

When the child press any key in the keyboard, the monitor will display images and the computer will play sounds. This way, you can be warned that the computer is being operated.

You can select the images to be shown and sounds to be played by copying them to the Toddler Keys folder.

The CD drives doors won´t open, the power-off button will not work.

The program allows to draw on the screen by using the mouse. The clicks won´t have any effect.

You will be back in control of your computer by typing the word "QUIT". Your work will not be affected for any key pressed.

The program has many options to be set. You can do that by right clicking on its system tray icon.

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